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Abbey Lubber Fairy Love Spell

If you have the ruins of an old Catholic abbey near you, this love spell could be very efficacious to you if you desire someone who has not noticed you. Abbey lubbers are the fairies or spirits who dwelt in the abbeys of England pre reformation. They it was, who incited the monks to drunkenness and licentious behaviour most infamous! Whether they liked watching the monks being naughty or whether they thought the monks needed to let their hair down more often is anyone's guess. But the abbey lubbers were most often found in the abbey wine cellars, so now you know where to most easily find them should any such cellar survive in your local abbey ruins. On reaching such an abbey ruin, take a libation of decent wine and place it down upon the ground as you invoke the abbey lubbers and ask for their help. Explain to them that there is one you desire and that you wish them to be intoxicated with love and desire for you. It cannot be emphasised enough how respectful and courteous you must be or risk the abbey lubbers wrath and tricks against you. Think only of your wish and meditate on that while at the abbey ruins. The abbey lubbers were not famed for nothing and can certainly help your love spell wish be made manifest, should they take to you.




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