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African Rhythm Love Spell


Africa is famed for it's fabulous rhythms and music so this love spell employs rhythm to produce two hearts beating in time to each other's love. This works very well, especially if you have good rhythm and brings your love's heart to you. As for all spells, cast at night, after dark.

Think of warmth and sunshine, imagine and visualise that you are standing in the African bush, the sun is setting over the golden sun-baked plains, the animals are leaving the water-hole, their evening thirst slaked, the birds are nestling for sleep and their evening song. You feel the setting sun's still fiery warmth on your skin and the evening breezes cool you comfortably. In the distance you hear drums beating, like the beat of your heart, calling your lover to you. Beat out a steady rhythm, matching your heartbeat with any implement you wish, a wooden spoon would work beating upon a table top, if you don't own drumsticks. Keep visualising as you beat, let your mind go into a semi-trance like state, a day dream state for as long as you wish, seeing your love come to you, loving you and then, when you feel ready chant:

'As my heart beats, as the rhythms of Africa beat in my soul,
So my love's heart beats for me and our heart's twinned will ever be,
Our hearts beat as one though the day is done,
Still our hearts beat as one, one, one,
And our love is born,
All others my lover does scorn,
Our love is blazing and bright as the African sun at dawn.'

african sunset

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