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Alien Love Spell

You will need: One meteorite - available from any good gemstone supplier.
Meteorites are usually fragments of rock or metal that have broken away from a large extraterrestrial body. They vary dramatically in size, however, a very small one is ideal for your love spell. A meteorite once it enters the Earth's atmosphere will glow and sparkle before falling to the ground. At this point a meteorite often disintegrates but many survive too, and are found unless they fall into the oceans.

Since meteorites are rare they are classed as gemstones and jewellery is made from them, they are of course, also very useful when casting love spells as they contain powerful high vibrations from outer space.

To cast your love spell using your meteorite hold it in your left hand, which is linked to the right hand side of your brain - the psychic side. Close your eyes and daydream about your love wish for as long as you can.

When you feel your wish is embedded in your meteorite, place it under your pillow and keep it there until your wish manifests.

The high vibrational levels the meteorite holds will swiftly send your request out into the Universe to be manifested.


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