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An American Love Spell


The Okefenokee Swamp in the USA, spans over seven hundred miles of north-west Florida and south-east Georgia. For centuries it has been the refuge of runaway slaves, Indian peoples who called it 'the land of the trembling earth,' civil war deserters and all seeking concealment as well as European settlers, mainly Scots. This diverse cultural mix has made it is the home of many legends and it's own rich indigenous culture. The Okenfenokee swamp, along with it's 'gators,' and 'frog gigging' has grown its own folklore and beliefs that grew up from this thick stew of diverging notions which gave it it's own distinctive patois, stories, blues and harp music and healing remedies. It was a hard life with little chance to meet someone new, and so the Okenfenokee folk gave us this love spell, used to bring a new marriage partner.

The Okefenokee Love Spell

This spell was said to be very popular in Okenfenokee area in the 1800's as it's main ingredient is honey which is so plentiful in the area. The honey was made from the gallberry plant and tupelo gum. But you can use any honey, it needn't be from your own Okefenokee swarm! Take one tablespoon of pure honey and lay it on a broad flat leaf in the sun. Take your ring finger and dip it into the honey, then kiss the honey on your finger. Then say in your heart where only God can hear,

'By my honour, true and loyal, may you God bring to me, love as sweet as this honey.'

'Then leavest thou your leaf spread with honey as a token of what thou wishest...and thou shalt know that it will attract love into your life, a loving husband or a goodly loving wife,' so say the old Okefenokee people, it worked well for them, as it will do you.


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