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Astral Travel and Projection

Astral projection is a condition in which your physical body is inactive, while your conscious mind is aware of what is happening, but from a view that is different from that of the physical body. With astral projection the conscious mind is allowed to travel at will unlimited by distance and time on the 4th dimension - the Astral Plane!

Astral Projection allows you to observe any situation you want: past, present or future, anywhere, anytime and any place in the world... or other worlds.

How to use Astral Projection:

You will need to practice regularly, rarely is anyone successful on their first attempt.

1, On a piece of white card create a bright, colourful symbol using red, yellow, blue and black ink - on one side only.
2, Gaze at your symbol for at least a minute.
3, Turn over your card so that the blank side appears - stare at this until an optical reflex causes the symbol to appear.
4, Close your eyes and mentally hold and visualise what you have seen while making the symbol bigger and bigger until it is big enough for you to pass through, imagine yourself stepping through a mass of colour, this is the doorway to the astral plane - now you are able to travel to wherever you wish.

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