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Love Spell from Athens


Greece's capital city Athens, has a past that goes back over three thousand four hundred years. The Athens of history, the Athens of the classical era is known as the home of democracy, as the 'cradle of western civilisation,' the home of Plato, Socrates and Sophocles to name a few. Its beauty too was and still is renowned, and many wonders from bygone ages still dominate the city. Included in these is the sublime Pantheon atop the Acropolis, sacred to the goddess Athena. Athena was a 'modern' goddess, independent minded, who flouted convention even amongst goddess, and remained immune to the pulls of love and the flashy charms of the male gods, instead concentrating on doing her own thing. Athena was known as a wise goddess who excelled in strategy, gave fair, sound and compassionate judgements, always suing for peace but mighty if she backed a war. As Athena would have known, love has many variants, something the Greeks are famous for delineating in their language, with many words describing the many types of love we may feel for different people. Agape is filial love and Eros the kind of love men feel for 'hot babes.' This Athenian love spell is based upon deterring someone who feels Eros for us (stung by the unsettling sudden lust of that archer god) when we feel agape!

An Athenian Love Spell

Take a photograph of the one who evokes agape alone in you, and chant:

'Athena fair and wise,
Take from this one their lover's sighs for me,
Remove from their loins their lust for me,
Replace it with sweetest agape,
Give them love for me filial and kind,
From their passions me unwind,
Let us be as family, gentle and in their mind,
Let agape rule in their head and in their heart,
Let our friendship ne're depart.'

Now take the photograph of this person and write over it, 'he/she cares for me as a friend, by Athena's will so mote it be.' Now place the photograph somewhere safe where it will lie undisturbed. Your admirer will soon see you in a new and more fraternal light.

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