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Aughisky Love Spell

Ireland is well known for its supernatural legends, of bogs and giant and spirit creatures, but there are some truths in some of these tales, seeds of truth that tell us where we might find real fairies, or elemental spirits as they are also called and the nature and habits of these particular beings. The Aughisky, or water horses of old Ireland are water spirits that take the form of horses who career out of the waves and gallop wildly onto the mainland in search of something, but what? No-one knows, we can conjecture for eternity but we do know that legend has it we can ride these sea fairies and make them do our bidding. To do this you must find an Aughisky, mount them and they will serve as the best of steeds, but should they catch sight of the sea or hear it, they will gallop headlong into the waves drowning their riders. Who that is sane would take such a risk, but there are other ways that the Aughisky can help us. You can ask the Aughisky to grant your love spell wishes and bring a true love into your life. So stand by the shore and watch the waves where the water elementals live and whether you see an Aughisky appear out of the waves or not, call out to them your wish and perhaps they will grant it, or so the legends of Ireland foretell.


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