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Australian Love Spell


The Kukatja and Warlpiri people of the Tanami Desert in the Northern Territory of Australia have traditionally practised potent magic love rituals, or love spells. Casting these love spell rites involves the tribes people making and using 'love objects,' singing powerful love songs and painting love symbols onto their bodies. When performing these ceremonies, called 'Yilpinji' by the Warlpiri people, both men and women are segregated. They often use this love spell magic to attract those normally forbidden to them, married men or women or whoever might usually be out of bounds.

Warlpiri Love Spell

This love spell is for arousing the desire of someone who otherwise might be unattainable. You will need to flex your artistic muscles a little to involve and immerse yourself with this love spell as the Warlpiri and Kukatja people do. This spell needs to be very personal as it traditionally is, so begin by writing yourself a love song to the one you desire. This must be your song, your words not something reaped from another's thoughts. It can be brief but it must be sincerely felt and truthful. Then take an object that you associate with your love, it might be anything as long as it reminds you of them and how you feel about them.

Now you are ready to perform your own Yilpinji love spell ritual. So at night when the moon is full and you are alone, sing your love song with all the feeling in your heart and play the sound of a single drumbeat quietly nearby. As you sing, see your desire being fulfilled, you may sing this song repeatedly until you can visualise your desire realised. Then, with the drumbeat still playing, paint a symbol of love on your body, whatever is meaningful to you wherever you feel comfortable placing it. For us Europeans, a heart or red rose are the universal symbols of love but perhaps you have a more personal symbol, a swan or something that is meaningful to you in your life. Let your mind daydream of your love as you do so. When you have done this place the 'love object' on a table and again sing your love song, this time to the 'love object' as though it were your love. You have now performed your Yilpinji love spell ritual, beware how you use it, it works powerfully well.

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