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A Love Spell from Austria


There is an old alpine legend that once the alps towered to even loftier heights than today. During those days, at the summit of a snowy mountain lived an Ice Queen. She was as blonde as the ice that surrounded her and as strikingly beautiful as an ice crystal. She spent her days singing with her pure and crystalline clear voice, while her servants, gnomes looked after her. The beauty of her song would draw the lonely shepherds high up the mountain peak, captivated, where they would chance upon her home. Though her face was enlivened by incredible beauty, her heart was as frozen as the snows of her home. So she dallied with these hapless shepherds until she grew bored, then the gnomes would push these unfortunate men from the mountains peaks to their deaths.

For many cold centuries the Ice Queen lived her living death, her heart never thawing, her voice echoing from the mountain tops with her melancholy song. One day a shepherd heard her song and as the others, found her ice home. He was as ordinary and even more so, than all the other shepherds before him, however on first sight of him, the Ice Queen's heart began to shift and the ice within it crack. There was nothing whatsoever that was noteworthy about this man, not even his mother or father would have claimed that for him, but the Ice Queen loved him more each happy day. He liked to idle beside her on the mountain peak, while she sang her song and he listened entranced, they were in love. But the gnomes grew restive and jealous, this man had all their queen's attention and care, which they felt belonged only to them. So one day they threw the shepherd from the highest precipice and dashed him to death. The Ice Queen saw his very heart, split in two on the crags below and one tear spilt from her sad and beautiful icy eyes. From this tear grew the first Edelweiss. Edelweiss means noble and white like the love shared by the shepherd and the Ice Queen.

So this love spell from Austria is taken from the legend of the Ice Queen, and helps those in love with someone whose heart shows nothing but ice.

Edelweiss Love Spell

Take one Edelweiss flower and place the Edelweiss into an ice-cube mould. Fill it with water, covering the edelweiss and leave it to freeze in a freezer. Then write down the outcome you would like to come about between you and the one you sincerely love. It is said your love must be as pure as mountain ice for this love spell to work. Now light a red candle, and take your frozen ice cube with edelweiss inside it and place it into a metal dish. Put on an oven glove and hold the dish over the candle flame and chant:

'My love, your heart's ice will melt for me,
with true love I love thee so purely,
and you shall love me with pure nobility,
like the edelweiss your love will bloom for me,
As this ice melts so does the ice in your heart,
You love me now and from me you will never wish to part.'

Now, while visualising this, read out the outcome you would like between you and your love as the ice melts around the edelweiss. Once the ice has melted leave your candle to burn down safely. Now your edelweiss love spell is complete.


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