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Aztec Aphrodisiac Chocolate Love Spell

The Aztecs believed that chocolate decreased inhibitions in women and had an energising effect in men, and so it got the reputation for being an aphrodisiac and there is scientific proof that the Aztecs were correct. It is very true that the chemicals in chocolate have a stronger effect on women as we are far more susceptible to the Phenylethylamine and Seratonin that chocolate contains and which lift our spirits and that's just the start. These chemicals are usually released into the bloodstream when we are feeling lusty desires, passions and romantic love, so who can doubt that chocolate truly is a potent aphrodisiac. While for men, who are less affected by the intake of these chemicals, chocolate acts as an invigorating and enlivening boost, which certainly helps when fatigue may hamper physical love.

Aztec Aphrodisiac Chocolate Love Spell

For this Aztec aphrodisiac chocolate love spell you will need:

2 bars of top quality chocolate with a cocoa content above fifty percent.
One quarter cup of double cream
2-5 tablespoons of sugar according to the sweetness of your lover's tooth.
One or more varying paint brushes that are new and clean.

Cover the chocolate with a tea towel, place it onto a kitchen table and then smash the chocolate into little pieces with a meat dumper or hammer. Now heat the double cream over a gentle heat. Pour the sugar into the saucepan and let it melt into the cream, adding the sugar carefully until you get the sweetness required. Now pour the sweetened cream into a jar into which you have already placed the broken chocolate and stir well. Allow the chocolate to cool. When you are ready to use it you will reheat it until warm for fifteen or twenty-seconds in a microwave or on a hob before applying. This mixture will keep for one week if refrigerated between use. Now your Aztec aphrodisiac chocolate love spell is ready to be cast.

You will now invoke the god of chocolate, who according to the Aztecs brought us this delight, Quetzalcoatl.

'Quetzalcoatl you who brings us the food of the gods,
May you, by your power, bring me delicious hours of love,
May my lover's heart and loins both in union conjoin,
To worship me with love's devotion,
Bring me the gold that is love's coin,
Through this chocolate love potion,
May we be blessed and joined as one, in love's true zest.'

Now visualise the effect you wish your chocolate aphrodisiac love spell to have and then you are ready to paint yourself with the aphrodisiac chocolate mixture and invite your lover to taste it.


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