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Bean Nighe Love Spell

This love spell is not for the faint hearted or easily repulsed because the bean nighe is a Scots fairy who can be an omen of death with a huge deficit in the appealing appearance department. But let's be fair to her she isn't always prophesying doom and coffin dust, although her first recorded appearance wasn't propitious, at least not to the man that met her. This is told to us by an ancient Celtic epic, when our brave hero, CĂșchulainn, encounters bean nighe on his way hurrying to a battle and sees her giving his Armour a good rub-a-dub-dub in a river, removing blood stains before brasso, no easy thing and so he knew he was to meet his death in the battle. So that you'll know what she looks like should you encounter this fairy washer woman when in Scotland, she has one large buck tooth, one nostril, pendulent breasts, and favours green clothing.

There is one way to get this grim fairy with her obsession with our mortality and stain removal to help you, and I must preface this with the warning that I don't advice this: if you tip toe up to her and suck her breast she will grant three wishes unlike most mortal woman who would belt anyone that tried this. So should you decide to grab the hag by the - well, should you decide to ask for three wishes, remember to put it this way to her:

'bean nighe, help me please, grant my love spell wishes three....'

And of course name your love spell wishes. Some say this fairy spirit sometimes manifests as a woman fit to be a page three stunner, which obviously makes the wishes easier to obtain.



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