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Beltane Love Spell

Beltane is the ancient Celtic holiday of the 1st of May, or Mayday that we still celebrate in many forms today throughout the British Isles. The word 'Beltane' it is thought, maybe derived from the old solar god Belenos and the Beltane holiday is derived from his name, being the celebration of his return to our spring skies. Belenos could be compared to Apollo and has through the centuries been humanised and turned by writers and historians into Kings such as King Bellin who was said to have built a fort beside the Thames, according to Geoffrey of Monmouth. So with this Beltane love spell you would be invoking Belenos power by casting on his day. This love spell is perfect for those who wish to see renewal or blossoming of the love in their relationship.

On Beltane, light a candle outside (use a storm lantern in it is windy). Your candle represents Belenos, the sun, and then as you look into the candle flame, chant:

'On this Beltane day, now it is the first of May,
Belenos you have returned and now all reborn will be,
May my lover's love for me, alos be reborn as are the leaves of the tree,
May my lover love me more so that (insert their name) their heart for me does soar, May our love be twice born, on this perfect Beltane morn,
An it harm none, so mote it be.'

Now visualise your relationship being renewed and strengthened, your love for each other overflowing. Your Beltane Love Spell is cast!




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