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Fairy Love Spell from the Black Down Hills

The black down hills are an area of truly outstanding natural beauty on the Devon and Somerset border. No wonder fairies inhabit this isolated landscape as it is breathtakingly stunning, with natural springs latticing high magically shaped hills sweeping down to idyllic valleys, this is Eden in England! Fairy folk or nature spirits, have lived here since time immemorial and if you lived here, you wouldn't want to move either! Legend tells us that fairies hold a fair on the hills and have been seen by eyewitneses to dance across the valleys together in recent times, which is the kind of joyful response this place would elicit from anyone. But it is good news too for those with unrealised dreams of love, as the fairies of the black down hills are not known for being particularly mischievous nor hostile and may well grant a lovelorn wish. So go to a deserted part of the hills in the daytime and sit alone, with an offering for them and ask the fairies of this beautiful place for help in your love spell wish, explaining why you need their help. When you have asked for their intercession, concentrate and visualise your wish manifesting for as long as you can and then take your respectful leave of them.


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