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Boggart Love Spell

If you are lucky enough to live in Yorkshire or Lancashire, then you are in Boggart country. Boggarts are a type of fairy, or pixie, a spirit, who can be good news or bad depending on how you treat them. In Lancashire places are named to pinpoint where Boggarts are known to dwell but Boggarts like living in houses and attaching themselves to a family of their choosing. If you hear noises in the night, ten to one it's a Boggart, as they can be nocturnal and like to move around shifting things at night. This can be helpful or not of course depending if you wanted anything moving. And Boggarts are often the cause of poltergeist activity, and are said to be able to change their form and appear as animals. It may sound as though a magpie has got into your roof, well if you live in Yorkshire or Lancashire it may well be a Boggart. If you are discourteous to a Boggart expect them to play endless humourless jokes on you, none of which you will enjoy. But if you leave them an offering and are polite to them they can and will perform household tasks for you and even grant you wishes. So if you have a love you wish for, leave a Boggart an offering and then at night, when alone, ask them to grant it for you, and very possibly they will.


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