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Boobach Love Spell

The Boobach or Bwbach is a friendly and pleasant goblin (elemental spirit) who often resides in Welsh houses rather than hills and valleys. He is the housewives friend, or the lover's friend too, if you have a date coming home for dinner. The reason for this is that in return for a bowl of cream the Boobach will do heavy household chores for us. How is this useful in romance? As earlier pointed out, if you have a lover visiting your home you will wish it to be spic and span, and this is how the Boobach can help you. To cast your Boobach love spell, leave a full bowl of cream out overnight in your home, somewhere where it can't tip over and spoil a carpet, such as on a hob. Then call out to the Boobach and tell him that you have left him something good to eat and that you need your home to be enchanting. If he hears you, you will find that at least one of your heavy household chores has been done for you during the night. It seems there is never an occasion when a Boobach guest resident would not be very useful, whether we have love spell wishes or not.



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