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A Bulgarian Love Spell


Thrace was once the land known today as Bulgaria. The Thracians were an ancient people who populated the Balkan peninsula and bordering parts of Eastern Europe from at least 3000 BC until 1,500 BC when European expansion conquered this ancient nation. One famous son of Thrace was the immortal Spartacus. Spartacus was a Thracian, who according to Plutarch, accounts of Spartacus' life differ, was captured by the Romans with his prophetess wife, who was also Thracian. It is even mooted that he may have been a King of Thrace. Royal or not, Spartacus had the build of a warrior king with the quick mind and indomitably brave character required of any ruler and unfortunately also of a gladiator. So the Romans assigned him to be trained to fight for their pleasure to the death, as gladiators did, heroes to the crowds for a week or a month until their young blood drained into the sands of the arena. But Spartacus was no lame lamb to the slaughter, he led the other slave gladiators in a revolt, a break out from their prison quarters, where they waited to amuse the Romans by giving up their lives in hand to hand combat against their fellow captives. Spartacus and his followers raided the prison kitchens, stole the cook's knives and a cart full of weapons, and escaped their incarceration. This is the beginning of Spartacus' famed career as leader of 140,000 escaped slaves in their war against oppressive and enslaving Rome.

But what of his wife? She, some say was not forgotten by him, and she ensured that she would not be, some say that she cast love spells. Here is a love spell of that period, noted upon a clay tablet, that may well have been used by the prophetess wife of the great Spartacus to keep their love alive.

'Take my love a drop of wine,
The wine is my blood that we share,
Hear my love the beat of my heart,
This is the heart we share,
See the love in my eyes my love,
This is the love we share,
Feel the strength of my love in my arms,
This is the love we share,
May the gods bless us and bring us joy,
This is the joy we share my love,
See the pain when you go my love,
this is the pain we share,
See my sorrowful eyes my love,
This is the sorrow we share,
Whenever we are parted my love,
for both of us our beds will be bare,
Forever my love is the time our love will last,
You are a dish I never tire of my love,
Our love is our repast,
Our love will ever endless be,
Until the God's wishes are nought but dust. '

Sing this love spell as you look into your lover's eyes or if they are absent, visualise them and see them in your arms singing this chant back to you. Let this process last as long as you wish, the longer you sing and see your love, the stronger this ancient love spell will be.

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