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Cairn Fairy Love Spell

Cairns or ancient burial chambers can be found sprinkled all over the british landscape and make an interesting destination for a walk. But if you are in need of a love spell, then a cairn can be an excellent and propitious place for love spell casting because legends remind us that cairns are usually inhabited by fairies, also known as elemental or nature spirits. Fairies as all children know, can be good and kind or tricky. So always when casting a spell involving them, make sure you take them a gift or offering to deter them from deciding to play a prank on you, as their magic is powerful and can be harnessed for your aid.

Walk up to your cairn and sit down beside it and place your fairy gift and call aloud to them, explaining that you have an offering for them. Then wait and contemplate your love spell wish, visualising it manifesting. Next you need to communicate with these puckish spirits and tell them what you wish for and how you know of their power and ask politely for the intercession and help in granting your wish. Show great respect or they will get the better of you. But if they choose, they can grant your wish and intercede in bringing you the love you desire


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