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A Canadian Love Spell

The Mohawk Love Spell


The Mohawk are the indigenous clan of people native to Ontario Canada, amongst other places,. Their name means 'People of the Flint.' Flint was the first manmade tool, it brought us the sparks that made the first fire, wood, tipped spears, then cut the meat that fed our ancestor's stomachs and with what was left, fashioned our first garments cut straight from animal's backs. Flint was the tool, the one that brought us everything we needed to live, as it did the Mohawk peoples.

This ancient love spell is useful when overcoming a rival in love and uses the primordial belief that we can take on the power of our enemies by taking what is theirs. Take one hair of your love rival, chop it in two with a flint (if you can find one but not essential) and then bind both strands around wood, a matchstick or thin twig. Light the match and concentrate on your rival and the attractions you feel they may hold for your lover. Meditate upon this for as long as you need to feel you understand all you need to acquire. Then burn the match with the hair attached to it and breath in the smoke. As the smoke wafts upwards you will take on the essence of your rival's attractions in your lover's eyes. Then recite:

'I am loved by my lover (name them),
No-one shall take their love from me,
By the power of nature, that bore bird, tree and brook,
his/her love for you is buried in this nook.' 

Then bury the matchstick by moonlight and forget about your rival, they will no longer be wanted by your lover. Please note that this spell works well but only for those already bound to a lover in a love relationship. 


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