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Win Back an Ex Lover Love Spell

Cast this spell during the waxing of the Moon. Tell your cat you need to win back your ex.

Items required:

Cat fur from a brush.
Dried lavender.
An envelope and paper.

Hold the cat fur in the hand your write with and think about your wish for 5 minutes. Next on your piece of paper write your initials and your lover's - then rub your cat fur over them. Place your paper and fur in an envelope and sprinkle the lavender over the fur in the envelop and chant:

“We belong together,
Cat magic make it forever,
Bring back my man,
As fast as you can.
So mote it be.”

Now seal up your envelope and hide it somewhere secretive until your lover returns to you.

doris the cat
Doris the Lovespells.org.UK Cat

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