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Chimbley Charlie Fairy Love Spell

The blackdown hills are the home of many wonderful fairies including Chimbley Charlie. 'Chimbley' must be a corruption of the word chimney as Chimbley Charlie is a chimney or hearth spirit, the kind of elemental spirit that likes sharing homes too, like the Brownies and Boggarts. In the past it was acknowledged that most homes with a flue had their own Chimbley Charlie, who would protect the family and the home they shared with them, warning of danger and loyally having a go at anyone who threatened their human companions. You can still meet Chimbley Charlie at the ancient Holman Clavel Inn at Culmhead, Taunton, Somerset, but remember to show this Inn and it's owners great respect or Chimbely Charlie may decide you are not a good thing and set about dealing with you as he has others in the past. There are many tales of Chimbley Charlies from around old England but this one has been known to deal with guests he didn't like by giving them very short shrift. A farmer was once asked to dine by the family that then owned the Holman Clavel Inn. Chimbley Charlie did not approve of him and the family found that just before their guest arrived all the cutlery from the dinning table, carefully laid out at each place, had been removed. The family knew this was Chimbely Charlies' work and as he had made his feelings plain on the matter, they cancelled the lunch and turned their guest away, it was sure this guest had unpleasant designs upon the family. So if you should want to remove an unwanted influence on your romance, if someone has bad designs upon your lover perhaps or is interfering unpleasantly, go and ask Chimbley Charlie to bring you your wish and remove their negative influence without harming them. You must make this proviso not to harm anyone, as endangering someone by not asking for them to be dealt with without harm, will immediately rebound onto you but multiplied three times, the effects upon you showing in uncanny and horrible ways!



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