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The Cerne Abbas Giant Love Spell

The Cerne Abbas Giant in Dorset has many stories wound around it. The huge chalky outline of an obviously virile male carrying a club, was said centuries ago to be the outline of a Danish giant who led a raiding party and fell asleep. The villagers who were under attack cut off his head as he slept and then marked around his body. On dark nights it is said he returns from the vale of shadows to slake his thirst in streams. Historians don't know the truth of his origin either way, Iron Age earthwork is one idea but mostly conjecture that the giant is an image of Hercules, of whom a cult grew up around the time of the first Roman invasions in 180 - 193 AD, and that this Hercules cult became entwined with a local Celtic god. If you have no romantic partner and wish for one, then the local love spell is to spend the night sleeping on the giant and love will find you soon after, a very easy if uncomfortable love spell to cast. This giant is also supposed to be very good at ensuring conception, so for perhaps millennia, local people have made love on the giant's male member to make sure a pregnancy ensued, folk magic at it's easiest but most public!


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