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Chakra Cleansing by Psychic Medium Gemini Bros, Lenny & Kenny

What are chakras? The word chakras refers to the cone shaped energy centres positioned vertically along the spine. We have seven major chakras, and numerous smaller ones.

Each chakras relates to a different area of your life, for example the base chakra called the ‘root chakra’ fights for your survival and security, this chakras grounds you, without strong roots just like a tree, you would topple as soon as a strong wind blew.

If your chakras are not balanced you can expect to experience various problems in your life. Each chakras has a colour, violet is the colour of all things spiritual, this is why a lot of witches and psychics love and utilise violet as much as they can. There are seven colours in the rainbow linking to the seven chakras, red being the base colour, the earthy colour, while indigo represents the third, intuitive eye.

Your seven main chakras which we are concerned with today are:
1, Muladhara, or Root, red and first of the chakras: this chakra is in the lower body, between the genitals and the anus and is related to the adrenal glands. This chakra gives us a sense of security and well being and is linked to our personal potential and fight for survival. It grounds us and helps us to unite with earth energies. Some people notice they sleep better on a good mattress on the floor, this is because it is connecting with earth's energies. This chakra is related to our instincts and is the fiery furnace within us, keeping us flowing with primal energy. The yoga position the bridge aids in opening this chakra and helping us to heal physically.
Physical ailments caused by this chakra being unbalanced: lower back pain, sciatica, knee leg problems, overweight, depression, low self esteem and a preoccupation with money as well as a need to always be in control.

root chakra
Root Chakra

2, Swadistana the second chakra also called the Sacral chakra, and orange: this chakra is found in the sacrum, connected to raw emotion, sexuality and creativity. It's harmonious working is essential, as it dictates the sexual inclinations of both genders and the amount of their sexual desire and rules the reproductive organs. Good functioning of this chakra ensures a healthy male/female balance in ourselves. Blockages can cause sexually hostile and aggressive behaviour, mood swings and even along CUT with sexual violence. Orange chakra, means this chakra is allayed to the emotions and the persons receptiveness to their own emotions.
Physical ailments caused by this chakra being unbalanced: lower back pain, cystitis, kidney complaints, gynecological troubles, sexual worries and substance addiction

sacral chakra
Sacral Chakra

3, Manipura, Navel, Yellow and third chakra, the Solar Plexus Chakra: this is related to digestion, assimilating fuel from our food and the flow of raw emotion to complex feelings. It is the centre of our energy; it fuels our inner power, self-esteem and personality. This is the seat of intuition, from where out gut instincts emanate. This chakra helps us to create our own personal boundaries. It is said that this chakra can heal us, turning negative emotions such as fear into love, sadness into happiness and fury into positive actions. The yoga posture, the bow, helps to open up and release the energy of this chakra.
Physical ailments caused by this chakra being unbalanced: stomach and digestive problems, gallstones, diabetes, liver complaints and hepatitis.

Solar Plexus chakra
Solar Plexus Chakra

4, Anahata the fourth chakra, the Heart Chakra, green in colour: it is related to compassion, balance, love and our sense of physical and mental ease. This is found in the middle of our chest, corresponding with the thymus and rules over our moral life. The thymus is part of the immune system and endocrine system and produces cells to fight off attacking or invading disease. When someone suffers a deep emotional pain that bring on actual physical illness, this chakra needs balancing as well as medical healing.
Physical ailments caused by this chakra being unbalanced: jealousy,pneumonia, immune disorders, fatigue, allergies and high blood pressure.

heart chakra
Heart Chakra

5, Vishuddha: the fifth and Throat Chakra, Blue: this is found in the throat, related to the thyroid gland which governs physical growth and this chakra's health appoints how we manifest our thinking creatively. The balance of this chakra shows itself in how honestly we are able to articulate our thoughts. It is also connected to all creativity and how we bring our aims into being in the physical world. The fish stance in yoga is said to open up and balance this chakra. This chakra makes us crave a perfect life, living in beauty and to be in full command of one's mental resources. Affirmations are thought to be helpful for the health of this chakra, such as repeating with meaning, " I articulate the truth with respect, confidence and kindness."
Physical ailments caused by this chakra being unbalanced: difficulty concentrating, sore throat, voice loss, thyroid problems, mouth ulcers, ear troubles and headaches.

root chakra
Throat Chakra

6, Ajna the sixth chakra, Indigo, the 3rd Eye Chakra: it is found in the middle of the forehead, where the third eye also is found. Ajna means to direct, instruct or command. When developed it helps us to let go of pettiness and find intuitive reasoning that is for a greater good than merely our own selves. It is also the chakra of time itself, light and sentience and is linked to the pineal gland. The pineal gland makes melatonin, which says when we should rise, or sleep.
Physical ailments caused by this chakra being unbalanced: learning difficulties, deafness, blindness, dyslexic, insomnia and pain.

root chakra
3rd EyeChakra

7, Sahasrara or Shasrara is the seventh chakra - Crown Chakra, at the top of the head, the crown, Violet-White: it is linked to the pineal gland and the brain and called the crown because it is the most spiritual of the chakras. It is sometimes depicted as a lotus flower, blossoming and bringing spiritual awareness to us. To feel at one with the world, we need this chakra to be aligned and so comfortably conscious of who we really are. As the root chakra symbolises our connection to the earth, so the crown symbolises our connection with God.
Physical ailments caused by this chakra being unbalanced: paralysis, depression, multiple sclerosis, lack of energy and apathy.

crown chakra
Crown Chakra

How to balance your chakras:

1, Start with your base chakra, stand with your legs slightly open and your feet firmly on the ground, imagine your feet sinking deeply into the ground. Next open your root chakra and imagine red light spinning from your root chakra deeply and brightly into the ground. Let the light get bigger and bigger before you close the chakra down again. To close down imagine the chakra getting smaller and smaller and finally vanishing.

After cleansing and balancing your root chakra, repeat the process with all 6 of your other chakras.

If you are ill or suffering in anyway, calculate which chakras is at fault, then open, cleans, balance and chose the chakra in question.

chakra balancing

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