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Chinese Horoscope - The Horse

horse chinese horoscope

Year of The Horse

You are the seventh of the animals to star in the Chinese zodiac. Being equine you have, you will admit, a nobility about you, a long-legged thoroughbred you certainly are and never an old nag, you like your freedom too much. You yearn for freedom and are equally happy at allowing it to others. The Horse is the free-est of free spirits, a gypsy at heart, a nomad; you need your free 'rein.' Should anyone ever be so foolish as to try and bridle you, you'll want to offer them a swift kick and gallop off, as your independence is vital to you as air and importantly you have the confidence to live life on your terms. Some may think you are psychic because you often know exactly what they will say next, but actually it's your bright, lively mind second-guessing them. Your Horse muzzle twitches with curiosity, when something intrigues you intellectually, and many things do, your wits are always quick and keen. Let’s not beat around the stable, you are very talented and you are not averse to others noticing this either. In fact you love to shine, which is a good thing as you are luminous, but don't let the praise of others go to your clever head, as it can do easily; beware flattery, rather than sincere praise.

There are so many really nice, refreshing and honest qualities about you, which is one reason people always gather round you, appreciating you. Your warmth, honesty and genuine interest in others makes you into a sterling friend, but do try to hold your tongue and when you get some juicy news from a friend. However you do love to talk for England and gossip, remember always your friend's trust you, and to reveal their confidences to anyone else is tantamount to betrayal, even though you don't mean to do harm. You do have a good and innocent heart, and do try to protect those of your friend's too. Horses are known to bridle and be easily spooked, so try to rein in your impulsive nature, it can be done, otherwise it can lead you into great difficulties. But how you love new and exciting ideas, they add fizz to your day and you really enjoy putting new ideas into practise on the instant. If ideas don't work for you, you just prick up your ears and start thinking about the next project, as you are an ideas person, teaming with inspiration.

You seem so confident, that others may not always see that you do need support, but we psychics and Chinese astrology know, that inside you may often harbour secret fears and insecurities. So try to find a partner who will see deeply enough to understand you and give you what you need. You wont have any trouble finding willing and eager partners, as Horses are always silver tongued, with alluring natures and very attractive to others. Your favourite lovers to entrance with your equine love spells will be Tigers, Dogs and Sheep.

Of course with your brain and creative talents you are suited to many professions but you do like one that allows you to feel free and not office bound. So with your looks modelling might suit you or acting. You are also known to make good architects and engineers. Writing may suit your creative talents too, either as a journalist or novelist.

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