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Chinese Horoscope - The Ox

ox chinese horoscope

Year of the Ox

Being born in the year of the Ox, or Water Buffalo to the Vietnamese, means that you have many outstanding qualities. Yours is the sign of wealth, gained through hard work and strength. You are one of the most powerful, perhaps the most powerful of the signs, a born leader, a natural ruler, everyone may depend on you, you are born with the natural powers to achieve magnificent things. The Ox is always calm, especially in a crisis and you also have a lovely modesty. You will never crow about your many achievements, you will get on fulfilling whatever task is at hand, indefatigably, staunchly dealing with all strains without complaint or self pity, until you achieve your aims, which you are so worthy of enjoying.

You like to work without interruption, in silence, to get your head around your tasks, and you have a very strong will and if anyone tries to steer you off course, you'll ignore them, or any problems or challenges that might make others stumble or give up. But if someone tries to impose their will upon you, woe betide them, you will not be dominated, and you follow always your own path, what you believe is correct. You are not some leaf in the wind to be swayed by threats, cajoling, insistence or demands which are not included in your plan or which you don't regard as a better way than yours, let them carp in vain. Bravo Ox! You have an excellent mind, a super computer, filing, never forgetting, logical and rational. And as an Ox you it is a highly original mind, a very powerful intelligence that you use continuously to make life better for yourself and others. Because you are a caring Ox, a feeling Ox, a very kind Ox, who never wants to hurt or cause harm. In fact you, and you've probably been told this before, you are very positive and life enhancing to have around. Your eloquence is admirable, though you do not enjoying talking much, you are the original strong silent type, and though your lips may be sealed usually, your extremely intelligent mind is ever active, whirring away, thoughtful, analytical, organised, precise and methodical; you could out deduce Sherlock Holmes. You are your own Ox, no-one will ever lead you by the nose, you are that rare thing in this age of homogenisation of looks, thought and behaviour, true to yourself, a real one off who will never bow to any prescribed pattern of what others may think you should be, you are an original, your hooves always in touch with reality.

Another really delightful quality about you, is the great pleasure you take in helping others. You will can even be self sacrificing at times Ox, and will move mountains and can move mountains to provide security for your family. Hard work is what life is about for you, you enjoy it, resolute and determined, you will reach your goals. Although the unprincipled behaviours of some of the working or business world are abhorrent to you, you like people too much to do anyone down just to get ahead; with your powerful brain and character, there’s never any necessity for that. What you are and what you appreciate, are honesty, trustworthiness and integrity. Money does not mean that much to you, unlike so many others you see the truth, that people have a far higher value than any currency, and you are patient and considerate with others always. Accordingly you are rich in real friends, who love just about everything about you, as you are an Ox, there is little if anything not to love and your lovely qualities are easily recognisable, although of course I know, I am psychic. You are careful with money but generous, you are too intelligent to think that things can impress for long, but people will always be impressed by your lovely qualities, if they have the intelligence to see them. And how you enjoy socialising and winding down in the company of friends, whose company is so enjoyably relaxing because you do feel accepted and liked by them. On occasions as an Ox, you get all in a lather about the state of the planet, or politics, disasters or inequalities, and you will try, very endearingly with all your very able Ox might, to help whatever cause has got your attention, but when you worry too much you can become gloomy, which we never want to see, as your sunny, ebullient and vivacious ways are a great pleasure to behold.

You make the best of romantic partners, because not only are you choc full of wonders; you are faithful, loyal, sensual, tender and devoted. Who could ask for more, and if you're still single and past 30, that wont last! That is one psychic prediction anyone can make! Those beautiful and bewitching eyes of yours are sensational, and you are unusually attractive, so make the most of this by weaving your own special Ox love spell around a Rat, a Rabbit, a Dragon, a Snake, or a Rooster (Cockerel for English speakers). You are compatible with so many others, because, well, you're just so very loveable.

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