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Coblynau Love Spell

The Coblynau are the fairy cousins of the Knockers of Cornwall. They tend to dwell underground in caves, mines and wells. They are a little friendlier even than the Knockers and like their cousins were thought to regularly point out rich deposits of metals, which was very helpful you must admit. They were seen down the mines, dressed as diminutive miners of about eighteen inches tall. The good thing about the Coblynau is that although finding them to get their help would be problematic if we had to go down mines, we can still today find them in wells and caves, wells being the safest and recommended option, as we don't have to get into the well but merely wait beside it. Of course our ancestors weren't half baked, and fairies are not childish whimsey but elemental spirits, who have great supernatural powers that have been used to aid mankind in all sorts of ways. Of course evil elemental spirits, who think mankind a rash that should be eradicated, do exist, but Coblynau are not thankfully, of their number. So if you have an old well anywhere in your vicinity, and have a love spell wish, go to your well. Then go and offer the Coblynau an offering, it should be something useful to them, such as candles, or small amounts of food, it's the thought they appreciate, as being spirits of course they don't need these things, but the effort to please is appreciated by all fairy kind, except the evil variety. So make your offering to the Coblynau and then call into the well and ask them to grant your wish. Do not doubt that they will, this is counterproductive, but visualise it manifesting and the Coblynau helping you. Your Coblynau love spell is now cast!


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