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Columbine Return a Lover Love Spell

Columbine, once known as the lions herb as it was believed that lions were partial to it, was accordingly thought to impart leonine valour. But even more poetically it was thought to belong to Venus herself and forsaken lovers. This is why columbine is frequently used in love spells of this kind, and if you can bear to pick these enchantingly pretty flowers, then this love spell will speed up the healing process between you and your love and help your romance to flourish.

Take seven flower heads of columbine and encircle them around a red candle. Take a lock of your lover's hair, a finger nail clipping of theirs, a sample of their writing or a photograph of them and place these beside the candle. Light the candle and think of your lover, stare into the flame and see them full of love and desire for you (do not allow any negative thoughts). Visualise for as long as you can and then strew the columbine petals one by one into the candle flame as you chant:

'Venus, fill my heart with bliss,
Which will come with (insert their name) my lover's kiss,
Through your power may my love return to me,
With love as sweet as columbine,
Let his/her love be all mine.'

Now allow the red candle to burn down safely and when it has, remove the flowers and other love spell ingredients and place them safely in a box where they will not be disturbed. Your columbine return a lover love spell is done, relax and wait for the spell's power to build and your lover to make the first move.

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