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Dandelion Love Spell

The dandelion is a beautiful cheery little flower, a sunburst of gold that can be useful in a love spell. If you have obstacles that torment you and your lover then why not use a dandelion to help remove them? How? It's easy, if you are willing to try and here is what you do. Find a dandelion that has turned into that lacy globe of seeds. Before you pick it, sit down, relax and concentrate on visualising all the impediments to your romance's happiness melting easily away like dandelion seeds. See yourself and your lover being carefree and happy together. Practise this for as many minutes as you can, day dream. Then pick the dandelion and blow the seeds from the flower head. Just before you blow each time, chant:

'My lover (insert their name) and I,
are carefree and happy together,
Our troubles disperse altogether,
As do these seeds upon the breeze, 
They are gone with harmless ease,
An it harm none,
So mote it be.'

When there are no seeds left upon the dandelion your love spell is cast. You can repeat this love spell as often as is needed. 


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