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Denmark Love Spell


We all know that the Vikings loved to sail the oceans blue, land, pillage and rush off home again for slap up hog roasts, but sometimes their jaunts could keep the Viking lads away from home for considerable stretches of time. What was a Viking lass to do? Left at home with chores and hair plaiting alone for pleasure, life could get very dull. So Viking girls often used magic love spells to bring some fun into their dark, northern days and call their lovers home to them, if one couldn't be found nearer to hand. Here is an ancient Viking Love Oil, no Viking man would have countenanced wearing something as sissy as love oil, but the girls knew better. This love spell will draw love to the wearer.

Viking Love Oil Love Spell

1 piece of Orris root
1 drop of Cinnamon oil
6 drops of Cypress oil
5 drops of Yland-ylang oil

Mix these ingredients together with some olive oil, place the oil over your heart, your forehead and your thighs, and a new love will seek you out.

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