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Derrick Fairy Love Spell

You may till now have thought that Derrick is an Englishman's name, and it is but before any man was so named, a type of fairy who hails from Devon, Hampshire and Berkshire was known as the Derrick. The human name actually means 'powerful one of the tribe,' and powerful too are the derrick fairies or elemental spirits. If you happen to be in any of these three fair shires, then this love spell could be of great use to you. To find a derrick fairy go out into the countryside, into places forsaken or forgotten by man, into a forest or woodland dell, onto a heath or moorland but be sure to be able to find your way back afterwards! Keep your eyes peeled as Derrick fairies are said to look like dwarves being very short although of course this would only be if they chose to make themselves visible as they are elemental spirits. Take with you a nice gift for them, an offering to endear yourself and promote their help. Fairies of all types can be very capricious and full of fun at human expense sometimes so you do need to get them on your side. Place your offering in the hole of a tree, beside a brook or upon the ground and call out to the derricks. They have been known to grant wishes and take pity on those who have suffered, so if you have suffered in the name of love, tell them. Then ask for your love spell wish and for them to use their power to grant it. Take your leave politely and contemplate your wish being granted as you wend your way home. Your Derrick love spell is now complete!



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