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Dirty Banana Cocktail - a superb drinky

Our fans will know Dirty Banana Cocktails are our favourite drink. We use our psychic and mediumistic powers to select the best quality bananas for our cocktail. You might be interested to know, only female flowers on the banana tree grow into the fruit, males are sterile. Furthermore, not all bananas are yellow, they can be purple or even red, but today we are using yellow ones.

banana flower

Here is the Dirty Banana recipe:

1 shot Creme de Bananes
1 shot Kahlúa
1 Banana
Chocolate Flake

Place in a glass then sprinkle with chocolate flake and place a slice of banana on your glass.

A Dirty Banana Cocktail is good for opening your psychic and mediumistic channels as it relaxes you and shuts down the chattering logical left hand side of the brain and lets the right hand psychic side dominate.

Lenny :”My spirit guide tells me alcohol is called ‘spirits’ because it was used in magical healing elixirs and it summoned up spiritual and magic energies.”

dirty banana cocktail

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