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Dobby Fairy Love Spell

A Dobby is not only a goblin in a famed children's storybook, it is an elemental spirit, in other words a fairy or hobgoblin from Yorkshire and Lancashire. These beings can be invoked and often were and perhaps still are by local people who used Dobby stones to leave offerings such as milk to the Dobby to placate, to have their wishes granted and to ask for their cattle to be protected. If you cannot find a Dobby stone, but are in Dobby country, you can take a rounded stone with a hole in the middle and place it somewhere rural where no-one is likely to disturb it. Place a jar of honey or some other such food onto the stone and then invoke the Dobby with your wish, here is one traditional form of address:

'Dobby I humbly beseech that you accept my offering and bring me my love spell wish, As I pour honey into your dish, may you too bring sweetness into my life and find for me a goodly wife.'

Now leave the Dobby to take your offering and contemplate granting your wish!


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