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Dreams - The Mysterious World of Dreams


When I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord my soul to keep,' is an old rhyme with which we’re all familiar. But what really does happen to us while our minds are unconscious, are dreams the gateways to the supernatural world or merely the mechanistic filtering and filing away of day time memories?

Opinion on what dreams really are and the purpose they serve is still divided, the enigma of the dream remains. Whatever theories may win the day eventually, it does seem obvious that dreams do sort through our experiences, reveal our hidden fears and hidden desires, sometimes in contradictory ways. You may find birds disgust you and hate feathers but dream of petting a parrot, your mind facing you with your fears. Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung who espoused the famous theories about dreams have informed our ideas, and taken root in our cultural consciousness. We all now believe that dreams are our conscious and subconscious interacting, mere biological and chemical processes. But though the evidence for the mind as super computer is compelling, there is also reason to believe that in addition to the almost mundane tasks dreams fulfill, there is something else far more magical going on.


A dreamy history

Since the Sumerian civilisation 5,000 years ago, in the Mesopotamian Valley, humankind has been recording their dreams, believing them to be messages from the gods themselves, means of divination and portents of things to come.

The Kings of Sumeria had libraries of cuneiform-script clay tablets, upon which their dreams were recorded to be analysed and acted upon. These dreams were sometimes shown to reveal knowledge of future events. So a King's policies were instructed by his dreams and nations might fall or rise on the strength of one dream alone.

Even the ancient Greeks in 300 BC began their version of our modern sleep laboratories, when the cult of Asclepius flowered and asclepieia, or sleeping complexes began. The sufferer would sleep overnight at the asclepieia, and be diagnosed by a doctor the next day, according to the dreams psychically given the patient by the deity Asclepius. Aristotle believed in this tradition, that people might dream of future illnesses, that the dream would be prodromic, or sensing symptoms of which the dreamer was still unconscious. Hippocrates himself, the father of modern medicine, is thought to have trained at an asclepieion, the ruins of which can still be visited today on the island of Kos. The Greeks also saw dreams as omens to be interpreted by those with special powers.

The ancient Egyptians believed too that their gods would advice them through the world of dreams and their god Serapis, was the god of dreams. They built temples to him, Serapeums, where suppliants would fast and pray before trying to commune with Serapis and receive his instruction through dreams.

The ancient Israelites of the Bible also believed that God spoke to them through their dreams. The Bible does record God speaking to many including Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar, Joseph, Daniel, Jacob and King Solomon, directly contacting them through their dreams and guiding them. As King Solomon slept God asked him what reward Solomon would like from God. The dream shows a conversation taking place between God and Solomon, whilst Solomon slept. Throughout this Holy Book prophets are inspired by God and his messengers the Angels, through their dreams directly. But we have long since lost our prophets, so whom do the gods speak to today? Are some dreams really a portal to worlds beyond ours?

Many people will experience a dream of farewell when someone close to them dies, when they see that person conveyed in a dream, saying good-bye. It isn't uncommon for us to feel we have dream communication with those close to us who may be far away, sensing what they may be feeling or what is happening to them, to dream of unseen events, or even to dream of those we have yet to meet.

dreaming girl

Psychic dreams: Premonitions and Precognition in dreams

Premonition is defined as when someone dreams of something that they feel may happen. They're filled with a feeling of foreboding and apprehension. They wake up feeling emotionally upset and fearful but without a feeling of certainty that this warning dream will actually manifest itself as reality.

Precognition is when someone knows in advance that a specific event will happen. Precognition is often conveyed through dreams 48 hours before an event takes place. In 80 to 85% of cases, research has shown, that most of these prophetic dreams involve someone with whom the dreamer is closely emotionally involved. It is much rarer to dream a precognitive dream about disasters and events that don't touch their lives personally.

Both premonitions and precognition are experienced by many throughout the world and are by no means as unusual as you might first think. In 1966 after the infamous Welch, Aberfan disaster, where a coalmine buried alive 128 school children, a British psychiatrist Dr John Barker, who lived nearby, published an appeal for anyone who might have dreamt precognitive warnings of the disaster to come. One case stood out, that of ten year old Eryl Mai Jones.

"Mummy, I'm not afraid to die," Eryl told her mother.

"You're too young to be talking of dying," her mother answered, " would you like a lollipop?"

"Mummy, let me tell you about my dream last night," Eryl asked.

"Darling, I've no time now. Tell me again later. "

"No mummy, you must listen, " Eryl warned her mother. "I dreamt I went to school and there was no school there. Something black had come down all over it."

Two days later while attending Pantglas Junior School, Eryl Mai died under an avalanche of tons of coal with her companions.

What Dr John Barker found was that despite the 72 precognitive dreams that warned of Aberfan, no one saw the disaster in enough detail to be able to stop the tragedy. But it could be argued that if we listened to these warning dreams with keener attention, with greater caution and took them more seriously, perhaps we might be able to avoid some of our worst experiences. With this thought Barker started the British Premonitions Bureau in 1967, in order that through precognitive dreams an early warning system for disaster might be set up. He did find what he termed 'human seismographs' who regularly were able to psychically predict disasters through their dreams, just before the disaster took place, but unsurprisingly they were never able to provide exact times.


The first theorist in this field of precognition in dreams was John William Dunne. He was an aeronautical engineer who built the first stable tailless aeroplane. One night he dreamt about the eruption of Mount Pelee in Martinique before it occurred. Dunne began to doubt his own sanity until he found that precognitive dreams are common phenomena. So began his theory of time. How he wondered can we dream of future events, if time is linear? It seems logical that this is impossible, so he explained this anomaly in his theory of time; that past, present and future are only perceived as separate because of our limited perception, which is freed in the dream state. A theory which fits in too with ideas of the psychic and supernatural world, where time and space do not exist.

It seems that in this pragmatic age in which we live, where nothing is believed unless it can be measured, tested and tangibly fixed down in a laboratory, our dreams might broadcast the daily news to us 24 hours in advance and we would still ignore them as mere fanciful whimsy. It seems we, as modern man, are out of tune with the spiritual side of our fundamental make-up, our very essence. The mechanistic view is only half the story. Dreams it seems obvious, are when flesh and spirit combine.

We understand dream interpretation as put forward by the great psychology theorists Jung and Freud, but from all the evidence of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, their theories obviously do not explain all that is happening when we dream. The voice of the supernatural world is certainly speaking to us, it seems, if we listen.

Dearms and Love Spells

As love spells are psychic energy, once cast a love spell is highly likely to cause your love one not only to think about you, but dream about you.

Inner Truths

Many writers and those with creative careers will tell you that when stuck with a particular conundrum they will use their dreaming mind to find solutions. Mr. Singer, who invented the first automatic sewing machines, came up with the idea when he saw the problem of how to create such a machine solved in a dream.

Try this for yourself. When going to sleep at night, let your last thoughts be of the problem that might be blocking you in any part of your life and ask your mind to give you the answer when you awaken.

Virtual Life

If we live until we are 80 years old and dream for eight hours a night, we will have spent 233,600 hours asleep during a lifetime. That is approximately 27 years, living in the virtual world of dreams.

Lucid dreams are another facet of the dream state that seem to unlock a door to inspiring realms beyond ours, they are a kind of magic carpet ride that can take us where ever we want to go. Lucid dreams are when the dreamer realises that they are actually dreaming. In such dreams the dreamer is able to control other characters in the dream and the events that take place, including the setting. You seem to be able to go anywhere and do anything! Allan Hobson, the American psychiatrist and sleep analyst uses a neurophysiological approach to lucid dream research but even his pioneering work has so far failed to explain the strange phenomena of the lucid dream.

How to enjoy the adventure of Lucid dreams

There are many techniques to promote lucid dreaming, which occurs most frequently in childhood.

A good way to start is to become more aware of your dreams and try to not let them fade from your mind before you have made a note of them in a dream journal. Once you are beginning to remember the details more clearly each morning, try the simplest method: Tell yourself as you go to bed at night, that you will have a lucid dream, how nice it will be. Reassure yourself gently that this will be the case, without pressurising yourself and smile your self off to sleep. Some night soon you will be sitting atop Mount Kilimanjaro, drinking champagne with Noel Coward, Marilyn Monroe and your favourite film star, as they hang with adoration upon your every word, before you take off and do a quick reconnoiter of the alps under the propulsion of your own gently flapping arms. Easy!

For many there is no doubt that dreams are more than mere chemical processes alone.

lucid dream

Love Dreams

Since the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, first spoke of soul mates, the idea that we each of us have someone we were born to be with, a 'divine complement,' has been the most romantic of theories. They are someone who will complement and complete us, the one chosen by the powers of the Universe to be the only truly perfect love for us. This one, it is believed, will be the person who will bring out our full potential in every way. They may not suit our ideas of what we want, or be perfectly convenient for us, but they make us love them even so, because they are the one out of billions that destiny chose to balance us perfectly.

So if we are born to be with our soul mate or 'divine flame,' how does destiny suggest we find them? Does she provide a radar; or anything helpful like that, a mobile number, a compass even? If only, but it is said that we should look out for signs and messages in dreams that portend that we are shortly to meet such a destined person. You may even find that you have a psychic connection with this person when you have experienced this with no-one else. Sometimes we might meet them and think, "No way," and then realise later that this person is in fact more special and perfectly tailored to our traits, our psychological and spiritual selves than the highest hopes would allow anyone could be. It seems we must dump our preconceptions and follow our dreams if we wish to find perfect true love.

It is thought that if you make a request to the Universe and ask to be shown something in a dream, you will. Some fields of science are beginning to posit the idea that the brain does not confine the mind and can reach out and gather information from outside the confines of the skull. This explains why we always sense when someone is looking at us, even if our eyes are shut or our back is turned to them. It also explains why men and women will pick out partners without knowing anything about them and then find that they have so much in common right down to their psychological history. But if one reaches out and asks to see one's future bride or groom, and then sees them, only to realise years later that the dream was true, it seems from all the evidence, that something more strange and supernatural is occurring.

The very quality that makes dreams so fascinating and endlessly enjoyable, their indefinable mystery and complexity, ensures we can never be sure of the whole picture; we can only guess and continue to be beguiled by the many mysterious worlds of which dreams show us such tantalising glimpses whenever we close our eyes.

love dreams

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