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Dutch Love Spell


The lady of Stavoren was a famous Dutch woman from the then very prosperous port city of Stavoren in friesland. This woman was very wealthy indeed even by the standards of the inhabitants of that prosperous city. She longed to own more and more, no treasure or jewel was ever enough. Perhaps, though it is not recorded, she was the same about love too? So one day she commissioned a sea captain to sail a ship and find for her the greatest treasure that exists in the known or unknown worlds, across the seven seas he was to sail and search. One day the captain and his cargo returned, the lady of Stavoren must have been very excited to see what new glories he had brought her. The captain stood before her and opened his palm to reveal a handful of wheat, because, he told her, wheat is the most valuable thing there is, seeing as it sustains life. The lady of Stavoren was furious, she probably swore oaths and certainly did throw a costly ring from her hand into the sea. She was not satisfied! Repeatedly after this she sent ships searching for the most valuable thing in the world, and never believing she had found it and so she grew poorer and poorer until she ended up on the street begging for bread, the wheat she had disdained once so angrily. 

So in her name this Dutch love spell is to ensure that lovers realise the value of the love they share and don't, like the lady of Stavoren keep searching for something better when they already have the greatest gift, love. 

Take one ring and place it on a table surrounded by red flaming candles. Ensure the candles are safe and will not alight anything else. Then burn some flower incense and place the ring on your wedding ring finger, which connects to the heart, as it was thought, and then onto your lover's finger. Then place the ring back upon the table between the candles and recite together:

Lady of Stavoren Dutch Love Spell

'Of all riches and all things fair,
This full and happy love we share,
Is the most valuable thing to us,
Let us not sunder, let us be joined,
In love forever our twin hearts ne'er purloined
By greed for wealth nor rival's lust,
By us our love shall be prized till we turn to dust.' 

Now let the candles burn down safely and your love spell is cast and you will always enjoy your love and never lose sight of the real riches which you both you enjoy. 

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