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Fairy Love Spell from Freni-Fawr

Freni-Fawr, which means 'sacred mountain,' lies near the town of Cardigan in Pembrokeshire in Wales and since ancient times has been known as a portal to another world, the spirit or fairy world. The mountain has cairns, ancient burial chambers built upon it, and is well known for many mysterious happenings through the ages and as a home to the fairy folk or elemental spirits. The fairy folk of Wales are known as Y Tylwyth Teg meaning the 'Fair Family,' and are generally thought to be helpful and kindly unless they feel wronged or disrespected in which case they are known for being violently vengeful. So if you wish to solicit the help of these Tylwyth Teg, then go to Freni-Fawr and take an offering of food and leave it for them. Then sit down and contemplate your love spell wish, visualising it and then courteously ask the Tylwyth Teg to grant your wish, explain why you wish it and then leave Freni-Fawr before they invite you to stay as they did a shepherd lad a century or so ago.



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