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Fake Love Charms and Talismans


This is easy, anything mass produced is not real witchcraft - no genuine witch would touch mass produced items. For charms and talismans to be real and work, they must be handcrafted and ritually consecrated by the witch working magic for you.

There are available mass produced charms to attract luck, but they are so weak they are nothing more than 'jewellery' and are only likely to help you a little, whereas a personally made charm by a witch is as strong or in some cases stronger than a spell, you cannot let others see or touch it, it is 'live' magic. A gold Eye of Horus charm for protection and healing is only going to help you slightly, any witch selling them is not a true witch, why would a real witch sell weak charms?

Casting a spell over a mass produced charm is a waste of time - there are no short cuts in witchcraft, if a witch isn't going to do things properly then the spell, charm or talisman won't work.

It's fine to wear a horseshoe necklace as long as you like it as jewellery, if you want a real talisman or lucky charm you need one handcrafting for you, and you will have to keep it somewhere safe and look after it.

Gemstones are magical but work best in conjunction with a witchcraft spell. However, a gemstone to attack love or luck needs cleansing and programming, buying one from a gemstone shop and keeping it in your bag is not going to help. Gemstones pick up a lot of negativity during mining and transportation. We have a webpage to help you cleanse and programme your gemstones: Gemstones

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