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Fidelity Full Moon Love Spell

If you are concerned that your lover or partner has a roving eye or worse yet has settled their roving gaze upon someone, this is the love spell for you. It will ensure that your lover is faithful to you in deed if not in mind, love spells cannot control people's minds or thoughts. But it will ensure that they do not wander and that you both enjoy such physical and romantic passion together, that there will be no cause for straying thoughts!

You will need cinnamon incense or cinnamon (which is a powerful aphrodisiac and increases passion between you) jasmine incense which helps you both to fall in love with each other again; juniper berries (which will fuel your lover's physical passion with you; loveage (this boosts the erotic side of your relationship) and rosemary which brings fidelity. You will also need a lock of your lover's hair. 

Light your incense, burn your herbs in the candle flame along with the lock of hair and chant:

'Juno please ensure for me (insert their name) my lover's constant fidelity,
May he/she always be true and loyal, 
May his/her passion for me, burn all their desire, 
So that their longing for me may never tire, 
May I be all their only desire, 
Burning like as an eternal flame, 
Wishing for me only, 
An it harm none,
So mote it be, in your name.' 

Now visualise your love being ever faithful to you and so it will be. You may recast this full moon love spell again on the next full moon for even extra power. 



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