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Find Love Full Moon Love Spell

This is a potent love spell for those who long for love of their own, but not any love, but someone worth waiting for, so we use the great power of the full moon. You will need a bunch of violets, a pink candle, a linen sachet, and a rose.

On your special night, the night of the full moon when your love will begin to come into your life, get your ingredients together at midnight. Light your pink candle and chant as you strew the rose petals into the candle flame:

'Venus personification of love,
Spare me a love of my own,
Let his/her heart bring me joy,
Love and bliss without alloy,
May my new love be honest, kind and good,
To me well suited,
May my new love me adore,
And his/her heart never wish for more,
May we, by your power, be entwined like the rose and bud are one kind,
May this new love to me be drawn quickly Venus,
By your power, love will be our finest hour,
An it harm none,
So mote it be.'




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