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A Love Spell from France,
The Mistral Love Spell


The Mistral in France is a frequently violent and dry wind that can blow in excess of fifty five miles per hour through that country, bringing the clement, bright and sunny weather of Provence. Traditionally Provençal houses are built so that the mistral passes by behind them, as no-one wants the full force of the mistral battering their homes into matchsticks. Like the power of love, the power of the mistral can sometimes be felt in gentle breezes but it can unleash it's rage bringing storms and harsh times, so this spell uses the mistral's power to bring the tumult of real love. Mistral means 'master,' and this ancient spell master's the raw power of nature. But any wind blowing will work too, the mistral is though, extremely powerful.

On a windy night face into the wind and take a sheet of paper upon which you have written your love spell request in red ink and shred it finely and let it scatter and be carried off by the wind. As it does so call out into the wind:

'Carry real love to me,
Bring me my lover's love as soon as maybe,
By your power and strength,
Give me love of endless length,
No-one may your force oppose,
Bring me the love that this heart knows,
Returned unto me three times by three times three,
By your power I know this must be.'

wind mistral

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