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Free Lover's Name Spell

This free love spell must be adapted to the name of the one you desire. To cast this love spell you will need to write down their name, i.e., James. Write the name once and then again below in letters separated by a gap big enough to hold another word. And then contemplate what you would like the letters to represent. If someone were in love with James and wanted James to fall in love with and marry them, they would write in red ink beside the letter 'J,' 'Joy of me', beside the letter 'A' 'amour for me'; beside the letter 'M' 'marriage with me'; 'E' 'Eros inspires his love for me'; 'S' ' successful union of love between us.'

Jim could stand for 'joy in marriage with me,' David could stand for,' devoted amour vehemently inspired dotingly for me,' and so on. Now take your piece of paper, light a red candle and think of this person's name as your love spell, each letter of their name now binds them to you, each time their name is said, they will love you more ardently. Now burn the paper in the candle flame, careful not to burn your fingers, to seal your free lover's name love spell.





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