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Free Name Love Spell

Names, as mentioned in the article, 'The Love Spell Of Your Name,' written by Beaty, are powerful magic and can influence our destinies. So if you wish to boost your love appeal, and become even more amorously enflaming and appealing, this love spell enhances your power and that of your name to draw love and devotion to you. You may not wish to change your name, and have found your love life lacklustre, so this free love spell will bring luck and love to that most personal thing, your own love spell, your own name. This free love spell invokes the power of Seshat, the ancient Egyptian goddess of writers and words. Fetch a red candle and incise the name Seshat and your name and then the word 'love' into the wax then light the candle.

'Seshat by your power, make my name as pleasing be as the roses fame,
May it have the allure of love, strong, all powerful and pure,
Make my name bring to me, love that finds my heart's cure,
As scented as the rose my name must be, enflaming hearts with its beauty and mystery,
May my name a love spell be, the words defined as poetry in a new love's mind, So mote it be, my name become love's poetry.'

Allow the candle to burn down safely as you meditate upon beautiful things (whatever is beautiful to you), love and happy, fulfilled romance with which you too now associate your name. Your free love spell is now complete.




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