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German Love Spell


Germany is the home of delicious, tummy-filling baking with specialities such as Stollen and Pfefferkuchen that hit the spot on cold winter days, when the eye delights as much as the stomach in the warming sight of richly decorated pastries and cakes that belong in fairy tale book illustrations. Pfefferkuchen, or pepper pastry is a Saxon speciality begun in the middle ages which merely applies to all spiced pastries and often gingerbread. In Saxony you can buy Pfefferkuchen to decorate your dinner table with elaborate and intricate slippers, hearts, little houses and gingerbread men to delight both eye, heart and stomach.

A Saxony Pfefferkuchen Love Spell

Make or buy a gingerbread man or woman, it's hard to tell the gender of gingerbread biscuits! But you will know your gender, which is what matters! Decorate your gingerbread person with icing sugar, liquorice, sweets or whatever takes your fancy, is edible and will taste very good. Try to make the gingerbread person look like you with perhaps an icing hairstyle piped upon it's head. Now, on a piece of paper, write your initials, your love's initials and the word love and jumble all the letters to create either an anagram or an unreadable gobbledygook code. Now write this jumble of letters down the stomach of your gingerbread person in icing sugar, and then stick sweets like little buttons to the icing to cover your secret love spell code. Now tie a ribbon, red, around the neck of your gingerbread person. Then sit down and visualise your love eating the gingerbread and falling in love with you, take as long as you wish, day dream. Now present your gingerbread person to your love to eat. This delicious love spell works a treat!

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