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Gwragedd Annwn Love Spell

The Gwragedd Annwn are water fairies, or you could say elemental water spirits. They are to be found all over Wales, wherever you find a lake, pond or river. It is most common to see female Gwragedd Annwn, the males for some reason being more shy perhaps, or having a strong aversion to humankind. It is thought they live below the waters in underwater palaces and towns. The reason, humans conjecture, that they do this is magical. The rivers, lakes and ponds are merely concealing veils for their habitations, using magic to protect from the prying eyes of us mortals. The female Gwragedd Annwn are known to be a little partial to human men and have been known to enjoy romances and even marriage with them. But these liaisons rarely last, opposites may attract but spirits and men cannot live together for long, however attractive the forms they may take. They have been to a large extent driven out of many places by modern encroachment and pollution and so are most likely to be found anywhere isolated where there is fresh water. They are very talented when it comes to healing, and can be helpful with that.

The Gwragedd Annwn are known to hold secret gardens on islands found in the centre of lakes. These have hidden doors in nearby rocks, meant to keep mortals at bay. On New Year's Day these doors that lead to the secret islands and then on to the magical fairy gardens are visible and opened to all - but first you must find them. They used to say that any mortal with the courage to enter these fairy pleasure grounds will be treated to a good party, food and wonderful music. But should they have forgetten that everything they saw on these islands is sacred to the Gwragedd Annwn, woe betide them. Nowadays they say that these holy pleasure gardens have become scarce and those that do remain have been left by their fairy owners, driven away by our humankind and modern development, or should that be modern despoiling and desecration of our landscapes.

So your Gwragedd Annwn love spell thankfully does not include the necessity of finding those ancient glorious islands, but if you have felt heartbreak this is a love spell that may be of help, as the Gwragedd Annwn are known for healing. If you are in Wales, try and find a spot that is isolated and then some fresh clean water, a river, a lake or pond. Go to the water's edge, safely, don't fall in, Gwragedd Annwn are not known for saving lives as dolphins are, and drop into the waters an offering, whatever you truly feel is suitable and they might like, bread and cheese has served well for many. Then ask the Gwragedd Annwn to grant your love spell wish and heal your heart from the pains of lost love. Sit beside the waters if you can and the earth is dry, and call out your wish, open your heart to them, tell them why you wish it. Your Gwragedd Annwn love spell is now complete and you should be feeling much better very soon.


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