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Gwyn ap Nudd fairy Love Spell

Gwyn ap Nudd is King of the Welsh fairies which sounds too diminutive a name for him, as he is also known as Gwyn the Lord of Shadows; Gwyn the Winter King; Lord of the Otherworld; Gwyn the White and Enchanter and well, too many names to record here. His name 'Gwyn' means 'fair' as in 'gorgeous' and 'holy,' while 'ap' means the son of whoever he was the son of, and 'nudd' means 'mist.' But really also Nudd was the god of war. Gwyn was called the 'King of Spirits,' and those intent on divination would invoke his and his spirit fairy queen's name before they looked for portents. Gwyn is written of in that venerable 12 century manuscript the black book of Carmarthen, as a great and true lover of his queen, Creiddylad, the most majestic of all her sex in Britain. In some accounts, every Beltane he fights a rival for her, as she is all in all to him. Here is a fairy who understands romantic love. And here is the fairy to invoke for those that seek to win a lover's approval. Go to a forest in Wales, and when far from people, noise and bustle, chant these words, a derivation of a very ancient invocation:

'Gwyn ap Nudd, you who are yonder in the forest, for love of your mate, please grant my wish to win the heart of my lover (insert their name) as you have won Creiddylad.'

Now leave Gwyn an offering, he is a King, do not be stingy, and go your ways home, knowing that he will have heard you. Your Gwyn ap Nudd fairy love spell is complete.



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