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Hob Fairy Love Spell

Yorkshire it seems it almost overrun with fairy folk or elemental spirits, perhaps because so much of it is still beautifully rural and unblighted by the hand of ugly concrete sprawl and urbanisation. The Hob is the Yorkshire term for a goblin, boggle or brownie and this Hob is unusually helpful. The Hob at Hob Hole, a cave in Runswick Bay, has for many centuries cured children of whooping cough. This is how he has chosen to use his supernatural power, as parents went to him and recited a chant invoking his help to cure this dangerous disease. But his powers go far beyond curing illness, he can also cure a broken heart and bring soothing relief to the lovelorn. So if you have been crossed in love and are feeling the sharp pangs of heartbreak go to Hob Hole and invoke Hob, take him an offering and your heart will be healed in no time, ready for you to enjoy life once more, carefree and happy.


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