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Love Spell from Iceland


Iceland, the name conjures images of ice grottoes, icy wilderness, glaciers, fjords and ancient Norse sagas. It is a volcanic country, where nature still amazes, and geysers erupt from the rocky plains where Icelandic chieftains once held sway. This primordial landscape beguiles with its beauty and age-old ideas still hold people in the power of ancient belief. Elves, mentioned in the Norse sagas, are widely still held to exist, remnants of the pagan past, thought to be the echoes of forgotten gods who still retain their powers. These elves, 'alfar' in Icelandic, like Scottish brownies, are thought to be mainly kindly and happy to repay kindnesses with rewards. They appear human and may have the same stature as humans or be of slightly diminished height, if you are petite expect an awed and friendly welcome should you stumble from behind a rock to greet a local. They dress as we do, fashion it seems is universal, but they have a great sense of style, preferring silk over all other materials and flamboyance. They can also be invisible should they wish. Do not step on an elf's toe, do not be disparaging about any physical traits, or their OTT style, elves repay as they are treated and can be very vengeful if crossed, perhaps Napoleon was an elf. Elves, as one might expect, like to live in nature, choosing forests, rivers, rocks and wells over modern urban housing. Elves like doing favours, which is where our Icelandic love spell comes in.

Alfar Love Spell

Go to a forest, rocky place, well, river or any other place where elves are thought to dwell. Place a posy of red flowers, an attractive garment of red satin, and a ring with a red stone beside the river, well, or wherever you have chosen. Now call out:

'Alfar I bring thee gifts rare and good,
All for you to please,
Should they do so, I thee entreat,
Bring me new love strong and fleet,
Let him/her be good and true as my gifts have been to you.'
Now bow and leave this spot, your alfar love spell is complete.

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