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Did you have a funny feeling this morning that something wonderful would happen to you? And now you're reading this - that is intuition - bravo! Intuition is when we instantly know something without reasoning, an ability to cut through the obfuscating layers of reality, straight to the heart of something, or someone, despite any contradictory appearances, we just know the truth. We are seeing beyond our conscious minds. We are using our unacknowledged senses, our psychic senses. All of us have a sense of intuition that guides us in life. We all of us try to be sensible, think things through, make reasoned judgments and assessments. We try to make the wisest decisions by filtering our knowledge and experience to find the best path and make the best choices for others and ourselves. But sometimes that snap decision based on our instinctual intuition is the best thing for us. Sometimes it can even be fatal to ignore it.

Dr James La Fanu has written of Dr Ralph Edwards, reported in The Lancet, who had a patient referred to him. This patient, a farmer, had been suffering from severe pain when bending forward. Dr Edwards was presented with no other symptoms from which to make a diagnosis. But he intuitively diagnosed that an abscess was pressing onto the farmer's spine. The farmer was put through a battery of tests including a CT scan, none of which showed anything wrong whatsoever. Dr Edwards was flummoxed but still having faith in his intuition, asked a surgeon to do an exploratory surgical examination, find the abscess and drain it. The surgeon refused to comply, as there was no evidence to suggest there was any abscess. The farmer was given antibiotics but his condition continued to grow worse. He developed septicaemia and the farmer died. Dr Edwards had his intuitive diagnosis confirmed during the autopsy, which revealed the small abscess that Dr Edwards had known was there all along.

"I have had an uneasy feeling of something being wrong on several occasions," wrote Dr Edwards. "I'm sure it is to court disaster to ignore such intuition."

Doctors are not the only profession to report harnessing their intuition for the good of themselves and others. That other most prosaic of professions, the police force, where flights of fancy are as encouraged as flights to the moon, often report just knowing when they watch a suspect, that the suspect is carrying a gun or narcotics.

Psychologist Carl Jung came up with theories to rationalise intuition, none of which explain how an individual can on an instant know the unknowable. Nice try Carl, but what a dull mind you had. It is not possible to pin down all the mysteries of life and make them fit models and theories.

The anecdotal evidence for intuition is endless. We all know someone who but for their intuition would've died; the driver who changed lanes without thought or reason, only to have a truck plough at 90-mph into what would've been him, but for his intuition prompting his move; the time gran met grandpa, she just knew that despite the fact he couldn't look her in the eye when they first met and that he gibbered and twitched with shyness, didn't distract her from her intuition, that he was very special. Sometimes people may even pretend friendship toward us but we intuitively sense their feelings are far from friendly, their motives are not for our good, like bloodhounds we sniff them out, if we really listen. It can be an invaluable guide in business and our personal lives. But sadly the news media is full of stories of people who didn't listen to their intuitive senses and end up in trouble.

So how can you hone your intuition and make sure it broadcasts to you when you need it? Firstly admitting to yourself that you do have an intuitive sense is very important. If you know and acknowledge its existence, you will become more aware of it. You can even call it to the fore. On a daily basis, start asking using your intuition. Usually we wait till after an event to acknowledge our psychic intuition. "Oh I just knew that would happen," we complain to ourselves. That there was something wrong with that lobster at dinner, that our bag would get stolen if we left it there, that we'd have that accident if we risk using that chair to reach to put in a light bulb, that the new friend we made just isn't a nice person underneath, we should like them but somehow our immediate feeling is we don't. But oftentimes we ignore our guide and go on to develop a close friendship with that person, only to find years later, that what we originally sensed has in some way hurt or harmed us.

So start living guided by your intuition, ask yourself all the time, what is it saying? If contemplating doing something has your stomach tied up in knots, an underlying worried feeling; you may have your answer. When you are entering a potentially dangerous situation, let your mind go still and quiet and just feel. Check all systems mentally and feel, what your gut instinct, your psychic sense is saying, your intuition on this. Don't listen to your thoughts, make them still, listen to what's beneath conscious thought, your intuition, your feeling. If something or someone doesn't feel right, listen, don't become a statistic reported in the news. Intuition can guide you to happiness and a safer, longer life. Whatever its source, let's be very glad that we all can benefit from the guiding light, intuition.

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