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Ireland Love Spell


The Irish are known for their gift of the gab, their blarney, their romance with language and the blarney stone. An unmiss-able pleasure in life is to listen to the Irish telling a good tale. The tales of old Ireland still told abound as one would expect from such an entertainingly talkative nation who use language as a musician does a fine instrument. The Shamrock, the symbol of Ireland, is as famed as Irish story telling and comes from the Irish for clover 'seamair,' or 'seamrog' which was anglicised to Shamrock, the lucky shamrock. If you wish your tale of love to be lucky, here is a love spell from old Ireland that the Irish say works well to keep everything as sweet as the Irish lilt.

Lucky Shamrock Love Spell

Take one Shamrock or if not in Ireland, one clover, the flower and stem will work as well. Take two hearts you have drawn onto paper, about 2-cm square in circumference. You don't need to be a Picasso, just draw two red hearts and then write your name on one heart and your love's name upon the other. Cut out the red hearts into two separate red paper hearts. Now place your lucky Shamrock between the two paper hearts, sticky tape them together and place them somewhere where they will be undisturbed and under something heavy to dry the Shamrock. The last process of your love spell is to now sit and visualise everything between you and your love being lucky and happy, do this for as long as you wish. Your lucky Shamrock love spell is now complete.


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