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Scrumptious Italian Love Spell


'When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that's amore!' As the old song remind us, Italians are not only a very attractive people, they are a very romantic nation too with many culinary ways to propitiate love. What better place from which to pick a richly scrumptious love spell that tastes as good as mama's home made cooking. This love spell is a good as any canny Italian 'nonna' would make for her grandson, should the 'piu bella' girl in the village reject him. 

Take one ready made pizza base, or make your own, then dip a knife into tomato paste and write the name of your lover. Then write 'married' and the date on which you would like to marry your lover. Give it a good chance though don't make the date a week hence, give it a generous amount of time to work, depending on the closeness or otherwise of your relationship. After that write your own name with the paste upon the dough base.  Leave this tomato paste script to dry, an hour or two at most. Now spread the pizza base with proprietary tomato sauce made with olive oil and then sprinkle heavily with cheddar, mozzarella chunks and parmesan cheese to taste. Bake it according to the pizza base's manufacturer's instructions and then offer to share a generous slice of amore pizza with the one you love. That's amore!

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