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A Jamaican Love Spell


Jamaica, that sunny isle famous for rum, reggae music and Rastafarianism is rarely thought of as a seat of an ancient magic and mysticism called Obeah. But Jamaica is the home of Obeahism, Jamaican magic which is similar to Voodoo and Santeria. Obeahism grew up in the bad old slave days, when Jamaicans lived under the lash of plantation owners, captured in the thrall of 'white man's magic,' as they thought, which held them from birth until death, all the while enslaved. These slaves had no rights or power and so Obeah, which is still illegal in Jamaica, grew up as a way to find some freedom and choice, in lives where endless toil was only to enrich the pockets of masters and death alone was the end of a torturously hard working life. Obeahism grew up so that people could feel human after being 'dehumanised.' This folk medicine and magic practise gave the slaves comfort, even giving rebel slaves courage to fight back and tear against their chains. One Obeah woman, 'Queen Nanny,' is said to have taught her fellow slaves in the 1730's how to catch bullets with their bare hands and ricochet then back to their pursuers.

Obeah Love Spell

Play some drum music with a hypnotic beat when you are alone at night. Now fashion an Obeah love spell charm by sewing a little sachet together using any stitch you prefer. Make the thread red cotton. With each stitch chant insert your love's name, '... loves me,' with each stitch. Then take your sachet and place inside it a lock of your love's hair. Seal the sachet with stitches and chant,' my lovers love in mine now, held captive by my heart,' as you stitch. Now let your mind free-fall, day dreaming of your love loving you and begin to sway to the drum beat, let yourself move as the spirit moves you, dreaming of the result that you wish to materialise. Now hide your Obeah love charm in a hidden spot in your clothing, wear it for at least two months before placing it safely in a drawer or some hidden place and wait for your Obeah love spell charm results.

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