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Knocker Fairy Love Spell

No-one is quite sure what form of supernatural being the Knockers are, but they are most commonly thought to be fairies. Knockers mainly inhabit mines and are peaceful beings who are in the main benevolent as long as we do not show them lack of respect, in which case oh dear, trouble is brewing. The miners of Cornwall saw Knockers in their tin mines and sometimes thought that they helped them by pointing out large seams of precious ore by knocking on it and also appearing to those they liked. But it was another story if a miner were rude and whistled, crossed himself or watched the knockers. Many a miner was led off to his doom, led astray to be lost perhaps forever within the dark winding labyrinth of the mines by a Knocker who he had insulted. They showed themselves as short, very thin people with hooked noses and the miners did their best to stay on the right side by leaving them offerings to placate them.

Though the tin mines have long closed, the Knockers it is thought, would see no reason to leave their mine homes but there is no need to visit an old mind to find a Knocker as Knockers are thought to inhabit wells too, they like dark subterranean places. So if you wish to use their magic powers to aid you supernaturally with love, find a well, used or disused and there wait. Do not disturb the Knockers by whistling remember, but place an offering of food out for them, and call them to eat. Then tell them your love spell wish and that you wish to find a golden heart to be worthy of your love and leave the rest to them. Your Knocker love spell is complete.



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